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A Guide to Wedding Entertainment Options

Rory Lemmon 4th of July 2022

When it comes to choosing your wedding entertainment, there are a whole host of choices available to you. From the traditional live music, to less conventional options such as silent discos, it can be a task to choose the best way to keep your guests entertained.

That’s why we’ve put together a helpful guide to wedding entertainment options…

It’s All About Style

The first thing you need to think about is which options will best suit the style of your wedding. For example, if you’re having a classic, elegant wedding, you might be better off choosing a string quartet over a DJ. Or, if there are going to be lots of children present, you’ll need something which works for them as well.

You don’t have to stick rigidly to one style or theme, but you will need to make sure that certain requirements are met before you make any firm decisions. Once you’ve drawn up your criteria, you can start looking at your options.

The Choices

With so many choices available, it might be easier to break them down into smaller groups and think about what suits you best. Some will appeal to you more than others, again it will depend on what you want.

The Traditional Choices

The obvious first choices are traditional wedding entertainment options. These include a band, a DJ or string quartet when it comes to music, and things like magicians as well. The reason that these choices are so popular is because they’re ideal for the format. In particular, the live music options are perfect for a wedding because they get everyone on their feet dancing.

The Social Media Friendly Choices

With the increase in digital technology, the opportunity to have your special day documented via social media has become enormous, and so you might want to include entertainment which lends itself to that. For example, photo booths make great choices as they encourage people to take plenty of prop-inspired pictures - and they’re a lot of fun! Other options include acrobats and singing waiters, who are sure to be a big hit!

The Fun Choices

Of course, all the options are designed to be fun, but some of them are slightly less serious and can be a great laugh. Things like caricaturists and karaoke are sure to raise plenty of smiles, or how about a bouncy castle? This is fun for all ages, and is also guaranteed to keep spirits sky-high!

The Party Choices

If you’re looking for more of a party atmosphere, there are plenty of choices for you. From silent discos to confetti cannons or even fireworks, you can make sure that your wedding goes off with a bang. Food stands also make great entertainment. Why not have an ice cream truck as a fun alternative to dessert?

That’s our guide to choosing your wedding entertainment. There are so many great choices, for a variety of different styles and budgets. Whether you want a fun party atmosphere, something more traditional, or even a mix and match, there are options for you.

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Rory Lemmon

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Rory Lemmon

With a BA in Journalism from the University of Winchester, Rory is an experienced writer and researcher. Keeping on top of wedding trends and traditions, Rory ensures all the content on Guides for Brides and its sister sites are up to date and relevant for couples and businesses alike.

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