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The Wedding Moments You Need to Capture

Nikita Thorne Guides for Brides
Nikita Thorne 8th of March 2023

So you’re on the final stretch. All deposits have been paid and now you’re ready to plan your final touches. As for most couples, capturing those wonderful wedding moments is a given. When you hire a professional photographer that’s worth their salt, you hope they’ll be photographed without even needing to ask. However, there’s no harm in coming up with a list of the shots you’re dreaming of and allowing your chosen photographer to prepare. Now, who’s ready for their close-up?

Here are our top picture-perfect moments you won’t want to be forgotten...

Getting ready

Invite your photographer into your dressing room and capture the candid moments while you get ready for your big day. Perhaps you specifically want a photo of your perfect hair or want to feature your bridal party adding their finishing touches. Tell your photographer so they can add these to their shot list.

Image: Tansley Photography

Individual Portraits

Yes, a wedding is about the love you have together, but you still need your individual moment to shine. It’s very likely that your photographer has included this in their shot list but if they are aware that this is a specific shot you’d like to have, they’ll ensure they have enough time to get that stunning capture. Don’t shy away, this is your moment to show off that wedding day glow.

The First Look

An incredibly heartwarming moment to capture. Whether you are waiting to see each other as you are walking down the aisle or having that moment before the ceremony, there are so many ways you can capture this moment. If you are specifically wanting this to be a focus as you walk down the aisle, tell your photographer so they can ensure you get that photo in the bag.

Image: Dan Morris Photography

The Signing

This is a private and important part of the ceremony as this is when it really becomes official. You and your witnesses have signed the Wedding Registry, so capture the happiness after you’ve done the legal bit - you are officially married in the eyes of the law!

Image: Gemma Machell Photography

The First Kiss

Of course, the iconic happily-ever-after moment; capturing the first kiss as a married couple is arguably an imperative shot to have in your wedding collection. Professional wedding photographers wouldn’t miss this shot and you should see the styles in which your photographer has previously taken this type of image in their portfolio.

The Confetti Exit

You're married, finally! Now let the celebrations begin, starting with the confetti exit. This photo is a colourful moment and full of laughter, make sure your photographer is ready to capture it in all its glory.

Image: Teri V Photography

Candids of your Guests

Yes, your wedding day is all about you, but of course, you’ll be wanting to have some beautiful images to remember those who were there to celebrate with you. Make sure your photographer has included guest candids in their shot list.

The Staged Photos

These are probably one of the reasons you chose your photographer in the first place. You loved the way they captured the big day for other happy couples through their staged photos. If there’s a particular image you loved, tell your photographer. This is the opportunity to capture the images you are dreaming of.

Image: Ryan Goold Photography

The Speeches

Priceless moments of laughter, tears and wonderful emotions. Capturing people’s genuine reaction to the speeches will be a wonderful moment to include in your images. Whether it’s the moment glasses are raised or showing the genuine emotion of a proud friend, these candid moments are destined for the album.

The First Dance

Romance at it’s finest, again this should be one your photographer has up their sleeve. Perhaps you’d like a close-up image of you both sharing a romantic moment, or a long-shot showing your nearest and dearest admiring the beauty of this moment. If there’s a specific style you’ve seen or a moment you would love to have captured, speak to your photographer.

Dancing Guests

The party in full swing with your guests celebrating is a must capture moment. You’ll end up with some hilarious faces and some romantic slow dance images. Who doesn’t want to have memories of their guests having an amazing time on their big day?

The Last Kiss

Finally, a key image you should remember to include in your photography wishlist, is the last kiss of the night. A romantic finale to the best day of your life!

Image: Johnny Dent Photography

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