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A Guide To The Perfect Sten Do

Rory Lemmon
Rory Lemmon 8th of March 2023

A Sten Do is a joint Stag or Hen do. It is the perfect, inclusive way to celebrate your upcoming wedding. Bringing together all your friends, as well as those of your spouse to be, is an idea which is gaining traction, especially in light of rumours that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle shared a joint party ahead of their 2018 wedding. So, here are some top tips for throwing the perfect Sten Do…

Plan Ahead!

As with any pre-wedding party, planning is important. Identifying what you want to do and where is an important step, especially when it comes to bookings as your group is likely to be bigger than individual stag or hen parties. Pick some activities and venues, get in touch and speak to them, that way you can enjoy your evening without worrying about anything!

Go Your Own Way!

Don’t be afraid to split forces for part of the celebrations. Whilst it’s always great to try new things and take yourself out of your comfort zone, you and your betrothed are different people and may have different interests. Why not both take a couple of hours in the afternoon to do something you and your friends love, before coming together for drinks and a meal in the evening? Or vice versa? The choice is entirely yours!

Think Socially!

You’ll be bringing together two friendship groups, so it’s important to think about the dynamics of your party. You may well have a group of mutual friends, but there will likely also be some members of the group who are less familiar, so make sure that everyone is involved. Fun activities will do a lot to help forge new friendships, and who knows, perhaps one of your friends may even meet their special someone!

Do Something Different!

The key to any good Stag, Hen or Sten Do is to have fun and do something special. There are endless possibilities available to you. In particular, good activities for mixed groups include escape rooms, bowling, go-karting, and inflatable games, as well as many more. These all offer the chance for a little friendly competition, whilst still giving everyone the chance to enjoy the day and, most of all, have a laugh!

Don’t Rush!

A Sten Do is a brilliant idea, and for a lot of couples, it’s a handy and fun way to celebrate their upcoming wedding. However, if you are considering one, make sure that you don’t get too excited or rush your decision. Think about whether this is definitely what you want, or whether you would prefer to stick to traditional, individual parties. Speak to your other half and come to the right decision together.

Once you have considered all of these things, you’re well on your way to having the perfect Sten Do!

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