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A Guide to Planning The Perfect Honeymoon

Rory Lemmon
Rory Lemmon 8th of March 2023

Your honeymoon is the idyllic start to your blissful life with your new spouse. It’s the chance to create magical memories which will last a lifetime, spend quality one on one time together and go on the adventure of a lifetime. These are some of our top tips for you to make sure that you get the best out of your honeymoon…

Look At All The Options

There is a whole world of options available to you. Literally! From sunkissed beach trips, to safaris, scuba diving to skiing and pools to poles. With so many options, you’re spoilt for choice. Sit down with your partner and check out all the possibilities, talk them over and come to a decision that suits you both. It’s also worth remembering that you don’t have to stick to one place, there are lots of good travelling options too. Check out our Guide to Honeymoon Destinations for more information.

Do Your Research

Once you’ve settled on a location, make sure that you find out everything you need to know about it. Find out what the weather is likely to do when you’re there, how busy it’s going to be or whether there are any seasonal events which you want to catch during your visit. Some LGBTQ+ couples may want to look into any local traditions or festivals which interest them.

Find Things To Do

The beautiful thing about your honeymoon is that you can take things at your own pace. For some people, this is relaxing by a pool or having a lie-in. However, it’s also a good idea to go and try new things together. Why not try surfing or snowboarding? Sing karaoke in a local bar, ride quad bikes, find somewhere to watch the sunset. These are all excellent ways to help you create those lasting memories.

Get Insurance

This is absolutely vital. Even if it is a little bit of a pain, insurance is an absolute must for your wedding, and your honeymoon is no exception. Protecting yourself against unforeseen mishaps means that, no matter what, you can relax and feel prepared for the worst whilst you’re away.

Be Excited!

Last, but by no means least, make sure that you’re excited for your honeymoon! Even with all this planning, preparing for the first of many trips as a married couple is something to enjoy. Hopefully you should be able to maintain this excitement as you work the finer details out, so that you’re looking forward to that special trip.

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