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Live Streaming Your Wedding

Cat Arnott
Cat Arnott 4th of July 2022

In an era of technological advancement, it should be no surprise that how we experience everyday life, including weddings, is constantly changing. These changes can be a real help to the smooth running of your wedding. For example, a recent technological trend, live streaming, is easing certain problems which could have potentially ruined your big day! Whether you face issues with travel or last-minute emergencies, it is likely that a loved one won’t be present at your wedding. However, thanks to live streaming, they can still be part of your special day remotely!

Live streaming has become even more beneficial in the current climate as coronavirus is already affecting many wedding guests. So, discover more about live streaming and how it could save your wedding!

Why Should I Live Stream My Wedding?

There are two key reasons why live streaming your wedding becomes a brilliant and perhaps necessary option. These unfortunate circumstances are that a loved one becomes suddenly ill or is abroad, both of which prevent them from travelling. Due to current concerns surrounding the spread of COVID-19, these reasons are becoming paramount for many couples. You may have guests, such as elderly relatives, who you do not want to expose themselves to the risk that a large gathering, such as your wedding, might pose to them. Or some of your guests might come up against travel restrictions or might be considering self-isolation. Live streaming is an alternative to their attendance that means your guests are not fully absent from your wedding but they are not risking their health or the health of others.

How Do I Live Stream My Wedding?

While it may be tempting to save money by live streaming via Facebook or Instagram Live, we would strongly recommend against this. For example, Hannah, a member of Pride Guides’ team, had a negative experience with live streaming: “We had a family destination wedding we couldn't attend, so they attempted live streaming the ceremony using Facebook live. Unfortunately, the picture was very blurry and the wifi kept cutting out. Professionally live streaming it would have definitely been better as there is no guarantee with social media.”

By using a professional instead, you can guarantee all your guests get to behold your special day! Dedicated professionals who offer wedding streaming services are able to troubleshoot any problems on the actual day. They will use the latest, high-quality equipment so your wedding is streamed in HD wherever and however your guests are watching. They can even stream your wedding with very little mobile coverage with ease, using outdoor routers for better signal.

You will also have complete control of who will be watching the stream and will get the archived link so you yourself can watch online afterwards or download the file to keep! A dedicated professional is absolutely necessary if you want live streaming your wedding to be a stress free success. So, wherever your guests are, as long as they have Wifi, they can witness your wedding day!

Top Tips

Make sure your venue and any relevant suppliers are comfortable with appearing in a live streaming or in case there is an extra fee. Also, this should really be an emergency option just for those absolutely who can’t attend the wedding day. So, it should not be an option for anyone! Instead, offer guests the option of the live stream after you know for sure they can’t make it via an email with the link. Also, avoid posting the link on social media to protect your privacy so only those actually invited are able to be part of your special day!

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