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A Guide to Wedding Decor

Rory Lemmon 8th of March 2023

Choosing the perfect decor to complete your dream wedding can be a tricky task. It’s important to find the right balance between spectacular and tasteful, identify which colours you want and, crucially, make sure that they complement each other. It certainly seems like a lot to do!

While wedding decor is something which can be done on a DIY basis, we always recommend hiring a professional who can help you keep to your budget, advise you on your choices and make your vision come to life.

Here’s our handy guide to wedding decor…

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Don’t Get Ahead of Yourself

The first thing to note about planning your wedding decor is that you should have an idea of what you’re working with before you dive in. Some venues might have restrictions on what they allow in the way of decorations. So, it might be worth holding off on making any concrete plans until you have spoken to your venue.

That shouldn’t stop you from having ideas though. It might actually help if you have a rough idea of what you want your wedding to look like before you meet with your venue. That way, you can run your ideas past them and see what they can and can’t facilitate.

Choose Your Colours

When it comes down to the actual planning of the decor, you want to have a good idea of which colours you would like to involve. White is obviously a very popular choice for weddings, and it has the added bonus of allowing you to choose from almost everything else to accompany it.

The key is to look into colour combinations and find the right shades and pairings for your tastes. You can speak to experts or look on the internet if you’re particularly stuck. Another thing to remember is that the colours you choose will probably inform things like bridesmaids dresses, stationery and more, so consider the impact of your choices.

We recommend choosing a collection of complementing colours, that way you have plenty of flexibility when choosing your wedding elements. Being restricted to a specific colour is only going to reduce the amount of choice you have!

Think About Themes

The decor of some weddings is decided not by colour, but by the theme. For example, if you’re having a fairytale-themed wedding, this will require a very different approach to a rustic theme. Again, it’s a good idea to look into all the options available to you and find the style which you like best as a couple. Once you have settled on a style, you might find it easier to choose colours and individual decorations.

Deciding on the theme may have already crossed your mind when you picked your venue. It is common for these important wedding elements to complement each other, as they provide the atmosphere for the whole day!

Embrace Individuality

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with adding a more personal touch to your wedding decor. After all, the day is a celebration of you as a couple! You can work together to find decor which you both like, but which still reflects your relationship. There are so many different options, you can easily personalise your day to fit your style.

If you are getting creative with your wedding decoration, it may be a good idea to ask someone to keep you grounded in terms of budget and atmosphere. Over-the-top, extremely individual decor can be incredible if the budget fits and it is done correctly. So if you are intending to go for the extremely opulent or quirky, hire a professional to help you achieve your decor desires and keep you to your budget.

Rory Lemmon

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Rory Lemmon

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