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A Guide to Choosing Your Wedding Venue

Cat Arnott
Cat Arnott 4th of July 2022

Choosing the Type of Venue

Before you even start searching for a wedding venue, you need to decide with your partner what kind of venue will reflect your theme and you as a couple. Of course, if one of you is dreaming of a country house venue, while the other has always wanted a beach wedding, then you will need to compromise! Work together to find somewhere that will combine both your tastes, from contemporary hotels to rustic barns, there are so many options you can definitely find something that is the right fit for you.

The Capacity

A good way to narrow down your choice of wedding venue is deciding how much space you need. Whether you need a large or a smaller and more intimate wedding venue will depend on the size of your guest list and will impact your budget and your guests’ enjoyment! A good place to start your guest list is by noting down all the people you will absolutely be inviting, so you can disregard any options that are too small. Just keep in mind that you probably end up inviting more people than you thought! Make sure you view a venue when it is set up for a wedding or at least see photographs, so you can have a proper idea of how the space can be used.

The Location

You’ll need an idea of at least what area of the country you’d like to tie the knot. You’re likely to have family and friends travelling from all over, so choosing a location will be key to making sure everyone can attend. Good things to look out for are a venue that is easily accessible, has accommodation on site or hotels nearby and good transportation links. While this is your big day, your guests’ comfort and experience is also important; if everyone arrives happy and comfortable, the only thing on their minds will be your union - as it should be!

Your Theme

Make sure the venue you choose will reflect your theme. For example, if you are planning a luxurious wedding, a gorgeous country house or castle would fit that aesthetic whereas a contemporary, stylish wedding would fit better with a restored warehouse or an art gallery.

Think about whether the venue works with and even enhances your wedding aesthetic.

Keep Your Options Open

Don’t narrow down your options too much though! If you decide your wedding fits a certain venue type, you might miss out on an unexpectedly perfect venue. Allow yourself to be at least somewhat flexible to different ideas, themes and locations on your search.


Write a list of absolute non-negotiable things you want to include in your day, and make sure your venue can accommodate. If you have your heart set on something particular, like fireworks, don’t give it up easily! As long as your desires aren’t too extravagant, you shouldn’t struggle to find a venue that can cater to your needs.

Read the Reviews

If you think you’ve found your perfect venue, make sure other people enjoyed their wedding there! Read reviews of your prospective venues to see how their day played out, to ensure your wedding runs smoothly.

Multiple Visits

Always go and see your top venue choices two or three times before you make a decision. Don’t rush into such an important decision, you have to be absolutely sure as your venue will affect all the other aspects of your wedding.

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